Creativity and passion

Our land is made of flavors, culture and traditions, places that inspire us every day with their perfumes, their colors and their thousand-year history. We are inspired by every color of our land: from the blue of the calm sea and the sky to the blue of the storm and the night, passing through the red of our sunsets or the camel of dry and arid land. Or even the green of the olive trees and the yellow of the sun that shines most of the year. It’s influence our collection’s range of color.

40 years of experience

Our production processes are manifold, coming from the ancient tradition of a tailoring of other times.

Heart of a craftsman

Each of them puts heart and mind into everything he does. Their hands are rich of experience that drives innovation.

Art of the tailoring

A beautiful fabric should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but gently wrap you, make you feel pampered and protected like a warm winter blanket.


The new technologies with which we have implemented the production are only work tools that allow the revival of “old knowledge”.

Made in Italy

Each product is entirely designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy.Made in Italy is not just a brand or a label, but a true philosophy.

An eye for Details

The choice of materials relapse only to the finest fabrics: cashemere, virgin wool, mohair and alpaca that giving life to double fabrics, brocades, jaquards and torn bouclès. Jewels buttons, leather inserts and natural fur trimmings give modern and sophisticated details.

Cross-cutting Design

Different styles and modern moods, for woman with a strong personality.

Stylish harmony for a unique piece

A harmonic mix of quality style and design, to create a unique coat for every woman.

Respect for the environment

Our company it’s environmentally responsible and our fabrics are eco-friendly. We stick to environmental policies setting up to a genuinely sustainable supply chains to contribute to the economy of the future. The materials used don’t come from chemical agricolture and OGM, and our wools are still teaseled with the ancient technique of thistle flower, respecting both the environment that the skin of who wears.